Get Well Soon Messages

Get well soon messages that you can use to send to friends or family to wish them a speedy recovery.
    We're always thinking of you and hoping you are recovering fast, get well soon.
    Heard you're under the weather. Hope things clear up soon.
    We are thinking of you during your time of recovery.
    Hope your recovery is a quick one.
    We are all missing you around here. Get well soon so that you can come back soon.
    Make sure you get rest the rest you need so you can get better faster.
    Sending you warm thoughts of healing and recovery.
    Take it easy and you will be back to your old-self in no time.
    You are in my thoughts, get well soon.
    Can't wait to see a better and healthier you.
    May this message of healing brighten up your day. Get well soon.
    Can't wait to see you back on your feet. Get well soon.
    Hope your surgery goes well and your recovery is quick.
    I'm sure you'll be better really soon, can't wait to see you again.
    May the love of friends and family bring you support, strength and comfort.
    We miss you and hope that you get well soon.
    I hate seeing you sick so please get well soon.
    Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Everyone is so eager to have you back. Get well soon.
    I miss you so much. Get well soon.
    Stop being sick and get better now.
    Our thoughts are with you. Get well soon.
    May you feel better and recovery quickly.
    Feel better. Get well soon. We miss you.
    Hope you're starting to feel better, get well soon.
    Sending some get well cheer your way.

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